How the Internet gave us all Superpowers

Somewhere around 1997 I was filling my car with gas, and I spotted a web address on a small orange sticker on the pump. It was an ad of some kind; I don’t remember what for, but I do remember having a realization: The mass adoption of the internet was real. Against all odds, a disturbance in the force had unleashed an entirely new culture outside the established channels, and now commerce was flocking to where the action was. But the main event had hardly started.

$108 Million to Rural Broadband Access

Today the Montana Public Service Commission directed nearly $110 million to rural broadband access. As part of the Eligible Telecommunication Carrier annual recertification, more than 20 telecommunications carriers were recertified to continue receiving federal high cost support and other forms of federal rural broadband funding. See the attached list for those companies which received support.